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Functions of Simd Library API. More...


 Functions with information about library.
 Memory Utilities
 Functions for memory management.
 Thread Utilities
 Functions for thread management.
 CPU Flags
 Functions for CPU flags management.
 Hash Functions
 Functions for hash estimation.
 Byte Reordering
 Functions for bytes reordering.
 Functions for image format conversions.
 Functions for image drawing.
 Functions for estimation of correlation.
 Functions for estimation of image histogram.
 Functions for estimation of integral image.
 Various mathematical operations with images.
 Various image filters.
 Functions for image resizing.
 Functions for image shifting.
 Functions for image copying.
 Functions for image filling.
 Functions for image binarization.
 Functions for image statistic estimation.
 Image Transformation
 Functions for image transformation (transposition, rotation).
 Motion Detection
 Functions for motion detection.
 HOG (Histogram of Oriented Gradients)
 Functions for extraction and processing of HOG features.
 Support Vector Machine's functions.
 Neural Network
 Artificial Neural Network's functions for accelerating of Simd::Neural.
 Object Detection
 Object Detection's low-level API for Simd::Detection.
 Contour Extraction
 Contour extraction functions for accelerating of Simd::ContourDetector.
 Half-Precision (16-bit) Float Point Numbers
 Functions for conversion between 16-bit and 32-bit float numbers and other.
 Synet Framework
 Functions for accelerating of inference of neural network in Synet Framework.
 Matrix Operations
 Matrix operations.



Detailed Description

Functions of Simd Library API.